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ng experts in the field.


Future Focus Forensics offers consultancy services in the field of forensics.  Forensics is composed of many different specialties, including crime scene investigation, bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting reconstruction, latent print examination, etc.  Future Focus Forensics will guarantee a comprehensive, objective, scientific examination of your case, collaboratively utilizing leading experts in the field.  Our experts are nationally certified, modern, and active in the field of forensics. 

Forensic Case Analysis consultation will include an all-inclusive report tailored to the needs of the client that will assist agencies and attorneys to:

-Analyze, review, organize and manage investigative case files to improve the effectiveness of case filings, discovery requests, and trial preparations while ensuring case files are in compliance with chain of custody procedures and related laws, rules, regulations, and national best practices. 

-Examine case files to identify and evaluate mistakes or omissions of information related to evidence and forensic processing.

Initial consultation and initial case review is free of charge.


The client does not incur fees until the consultant accepts the case.

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