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Hosting a Course

Hosting a course provides you with an outstanding opportunity to network with other professionals, to provide convenient, expert lead MODERN training for your local colleagues, and for you to earn free spots for your department, agency, or organization.  Future Focus Forensics will handle the course registration and payments for the course. The instructor(s) will cover all of their own lodging, food, and travel expenses.  

The length of our courses can be tailored to meet your needs. Courses may be purchased on a student by student registration process or for a flat fee.  Classes purchased at a flat fee will not require a minimum participant registration to host. Refer to our Course Catalog for current course being offered or contact Future Focus Forensics to have our experts build a customized training class just for you!

To host a class, there is no cost to the hosting department, agency, or organization and a free spot will be earned for every registered student over 10, 20, and 30.  There is an opportunity for you to receive three free slots!  We recommend that the host provides light refreshments, such as coffee and water, but it is not required.

We ask that you provide an appropriate, comfortable space with audio and visual capabilities for presentations.  This is dependent on the course. Someone from your agency or organization will act as our point of contact to make lodging suggestions for traveling students and in case supplies needs to be shipped to and from the location.


Future Focus Forensics will customize a training brochure for the course and we kindly ask that your agency or organization assist us in disseminating the information to your local networks!


The instructor will cover all of their own lodging, food, and travel expenses.  A minimum number of 10 registered students is required for the class to be held.  If the course does not receive the minimum number of registered students forty-five (45) before the start date, the class may cancelled. All payments are due thirty (30) days before the start date unless prior arrangements are made.  Registered students who are not paid will be contacted and removed from the class if payment is not received.


Refer to the “Registration” and “FAQs” tab under Training for more information or please feel free to reach out to us at or (720)-634-6050.

If you would like Future Focus Forensics to reach out to you regarding hosting a course, please complete the "Host a Course" form on this page!

Host a Course!

We will be reaching out to you!

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